Erika Rice Scherpelz (kitty_tape) wrote,
Erika Rice Scherpelz

A year ago today, we brought Kageneko from the home of his temporary owners to our home. He resented the change at first, but he quickly adapted to his position as the most important kitty in the world (as far as he can tell).

Kage limited his initial explorations to the upstairs. He spent many of his hours on our bed and my sister's bed. My sister's bed was an especial favorite because it got the daytime sun.

Eventually, he started exploring downstairs. At first, he would only visit briefly, but overtime he has come to the point where he prefers to be where we are, wherever that may be. Lately, he has been so bold as to come down stairs during anime night, when there are lots of people around.

The price to pay for having an unbelievably soft kitty is that we end up with nice soft kitty fur all over. We keep things reasonable with frequent vacuuming and not quite frequent enough brushing. Things have been better since Kage shed his long winter coat for a slightly less long summer coat. He shed his winter coat while we visited Greece; there was so much fur on the furniture that we could have made a sweater!

He is an indoor cat, but he retains his hunter's instincts. He plays frequently with his favorite toys, the feather stick and the catnip mouse, and play, for Kage, means destruction. We recently had to retire the mouse because it was too holey to hold catnip anymore. His feather stick (actually, his second feather stick) is nearly down to a plastic nub and will have to be replaced soon too. Kage takes his play seriously.

Happy homecoming day Kage!
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